Hi, this question is in regards to and how it handles of the same for an . I did not write the , so I’m wondering if someone can have a look and help me determine if it’s an issue with the external implementation.

The robotframework-kafkalibrary can be found here: https://github.com/s4int/robotframework-KafkaLibrary . As you can see it has not been maintained, and the issue can very well be stemming from poor implementation of the library itself.

My use case is having multiple instances of , because I am attempting to automate the flow of data from one queue, to another queue further downstream in the pipeline. I am attempting to use the WITH NAME syntax like

Library KafkaLibrary WITH NAME Kafka1

Library KafkaLibrary WITH NAME Kafka2

However, it looks like calling the connect_to_kafka keyword from second instance overrides the instance created from the first instance. If I start different connections for each name and then I attempt to list all the topics in each connection, the results are identical. Should I attempt to create my own custom lib for kafka or am I doing something obviously wrong. One thing to note is that the ROBOT_LIBRARY_SCOPE is global for this library, but I feel like multiple instances should still be possible

Source link https://www.reddit.com/r//comments/94fe6l/robot_framework_multiple_instances_of_kafka/


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