Apia is an Australian insurance company, who has been providing a range of great value insurance products and services to Australian over 50. For a long time, insurance purchase was done over the phone with an adviser, but it too is beginning to feel the digital effect. Apia is now changing how products and services are delivered by introducing an automated online experience. And they need to ensure the online experience is kept up to date and on trend while not walling off the currently increasing number of users from the experience.

The Team and My Role

The project team consisted of two team members. Once the user research ended and we entered the design phase, each one of us chose one platform to further design and I was responsible for the web design and relevant tests.

Problem Statement

The team was commissioned to improve the sales volume of Apia’s comprehensive car insurance funnel. The research drew attention to over 50 users needs as Apia’s key competitors were completely aware of and were providing engaging designs for their online funnels. Further investigations (a walkthrough of current funnel) revealed that the current design lacks design fundamental principles as the Visual hierarchy, Simplicity and Navigability. Moreover, usability and user experience hinge on the preferences of the end users.

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