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Hey, I’m Joe host of Conferences, and I’m excited to announce the opening of registration for the Testing Guild an online conference dedicated to in .

Most of you might know me from my annual flagship conference Automation Guild dedicated just to automation.

But over the holidays a had a great conversation with my brother-in-law Gino, and he mentioned that Automation Guild is incredible and he loves it, but he told me 80 percent of his time is dealing with other testing activities having nothing to do automation. He thought having a guild dedicated to just testing as well would be a good idea.

And that’s why I created the TestingGuild.

Testing Guild Logo

What You’ll Learn at this Years Testing Guild

Although some of the sessions will include automated tools to help you with your testing . A majority of them are focusing on the other activities you have to do as a tester when you’re creating quality software.

For example, we’ll have sessions on:

  • TDD
  • BDD
  • How to integrate your developers and testers in agile .
  • Agile transformations
  • How to pick a test management tool
  • How to create effective test requirements
  • how to use API testing tools like Postman and Applitools to help you with exploratory testing
  • how to deal with software in a regulated environment.

Also, we’ll have some of our popular roundtable discussions led by experts like Melissa Tandi and Andy Tinkerman to mention a few.

Check out our Testing Guild 2018 Speakers

Testing Guild is a Conference and a Community

With your guild conference membership, you also get access to our private Slack channel where we have an awesome community that lives before during and long after this conference is over. Our goal like all guild conferences is that you’ll pick up a tip, tool, technique or best practice that’s going to help you and your teams create better quality software.

TestingGuild Community

Something I like to call testing awesomeness.

Guild Guarantee

And don’t forget about our guild guarantee: that if you can honestly tell me up to 60 days you receive zero value from the Guild will refund your money! What other conference offers a money back guarantee??

So what do you have to lose?

techniques and tips that are going to help you and your teams create testing awesomeness and make you the hero of all your team’s testing efforts.

Register now — I’ll see you there.

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