My first post here. I love this platform and all the folks here. I am new in and learning more and more everyday. I notice details and patterns on almost everything interesting to me. Hence, I noticed details on the website as well.

I was browsing the site from my tablet and notice that it’s not very intuitive which story belongs to which author. For example, in below screenshots, it’s not clear that which article was posted by which author.

Now, it doesn’t matter much at this point who is the author. As soon as you open the article, you will see the author and give him/her applauds if you like the post. Also, you learn that author name will always be at end. But still, for a design website, these thing matter IMHO. Hence I came up with tiny modifications.

  1. First one is to just add a line.

2. Second option would be to move the author name from left side to right side as shown in below image.

The web view from a laptop looks much better however. No conflicts there. Almost. Below is the screenshot:

I noticed, author names are not aligned. I agree it doesn’t matter here a lot but still I think it looks better when it has some sense of grid boundary. It just looks neat. Below is small modification.

Once again, I am enjoying this website a lot and I am very grateful for all the people who write awesome post here which helps newbies like me to learn and grow. Any comments/corrections are welcome of course. Thanks a lot. Cheers.

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