Good morning all!

I am fairly new to this field, ~ 2 months in from another job when I started (Fun part of startups). We have a team of 6 devs and I’m the solo QA tester, although the dev team help me out a lot. At the manual testing, I find I am quite competent and I am now slowly learning to code and build automated testing which is insanely fun. My problem so far has been building for my Smoke tests and regression tests. I’ve done them so many times now its second nature of course but when I sit down to write them down I just have so much trouble visualizing it.

I find that whenever I begin writing them down they either sound too childish and basic or over complicated. Does anybody have any advice and/or potential examples of documents you have that could help?

Thanks for taking the time, excited to work in the field and learn a lot of new things!

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