I use Principle to test small animations on my final design to see how it’ll look and suggest to developers.

Onboarding Flow

The goal of onboarding is to say a lot with illustrations and very little text, so users get an insight of ’s functionality. At any moment, the user can opt to sign up by pressing Get Started, or he can Log in if he has got an account with already setup devices. Note that the Get Started button stands out more to make it easier for the Sweet Home newbies to sign up.

Device Setup Flow

If a user has an account with already setup devices, he can opt to log in. If he has just installed Sweet Home devices at home, first, he has to connect devices to the application. The process includes searching for nearby devices and entering Device ID Number to connect. If device setup is successful, the user can proceed with registration.


In the dashboard, the user can see an overview of usage, most consumption devices in each place at home and total spendings. The background color changes as user swipes for different places at home.

Users can see energy usage in details, with statistics showing which and when a device has been using lot’s of energy, and how much each of them cost. Also, the user can see which places at home are high energy users. The goal of showing results for different places and energy types is to give correct data about total spendings.


Bills with detailed information play an important role in Sweet Home. They enable users to see monthly spendings, compare and pay them. Also, users can check transaction records in Profile.


Goals help to define milestones to control and compare energy usage.

Controlling devices and Recipes

Users can control devices from anywhere easily. automation help users decrease the amount of unnecessary energy usage. Recipes are designed in a way that they follow a structured format, so users type as less as possible.


Users get notifications for devices left turned on or tips for more energy usage reduction.

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