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A lot of depend on a mobile data connection. Whether it’s downloading stuff from the server like Clash of Clans, or using it for DRM protection like most Final Fantasy , it seems like virtually every game is asking you to be within close proximity of a web connection just to make the game run. Not everyone has that luxury so here are ten of the best offline Android that don’t at all. If none of these are floating your boat, Google Play has a list for offline games for your convenience. Those include some modern games like Subway Surfers and classics like Fruit Ninja.

Here are some of the best Android games that don’t require WiFi or a mobile data connection!

Crashlands is among the best offline Android games ever. You end up on a planet with no way off. The goal is to build a base, defeat the main bad guy, and craft various items to get out. It comes with a simple, fun combat system. There is also a self-managing inventory, tons of stuff to craft, and tongue-in-cheek humor that keeps the atmosphere light and goofy. There is also cloud saving support, offline play, and controller support. It’s $4.99 with no in-app purchases.

NBA Jam is probably the best arcade sports game right now. It features two-on-two basketball. The rules are rather relaxed as well. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. It features local and online multiplayer, controller support, and more. The game also has a campaign mode to play through. It even has Android TV support. There is a lot here for $4.99. It also has no in-app purchases.


Prune is a fairly . Each level features a plan that grows. You trim the plant so it grows into the sunlight. The game features 48 levels, minimalistic graphics, and easy game play. It’s definitely a more relaxing title. It’s possible to finish levels with more than one solution as well. Thus, there’s no pressure to do it a certain way. The game is $3.99. It has no in-app purchases or advertisements to get in the way.

The Room 3 is the latest iteration from The Room franchise and it’s the best one yet. It has crisp, gorgeous graphics, unique puzzles, and new elements added to help you solve puzzles that weren’t present in older games. The game is a bit short, but this time around the developers have added things like alternate endings which add replay value to make the game longer than prior titles. It also doesn’t have any in-app purchases, supports Google Play Games features (cloud saving and achievements). Do be warned, though, that offline players won’t be able to use the Google Play features. The first two The Room games are also excellent offline Android games.

If we missed any of the best offline Android games, tell us about them in the comments. Or visit our sister site for more Android games that don’t need wifi.

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