In order to be good at what I do (I’m a web designer), I have to come fresh, motivated, inspired and productive. Every single day.

If what you do for a living requires you to be , you are probably familiar with those moments when you are all set, you had your coffee, sitting comfortably in front of the computer, ready to start your day and nothing you do comes out right.

“Ugh, the text is too big. Now it’s too small. The box here sits awkwardly. Let’s move it 10px to the right. Nope.”

“Ugh, I thought it was the perfect solution for this, now it feels wrong.”

You can’t run from it. We all have those kinds of moments when our inspiration decided to take a break and leaves us stranded waiting for it to come back.

But.. what if I told you there is a for an awesome that will help you in those “Ugh” moments?

What if I told you that this recipe includes only a few very simple ingredients? Trust me, you won’t even need to get up of your chair and go to the store.

So let’s start with the first ingredient: Dribbble.

I bet I don’t even have to explain what Dribbble is or why it’s one of the ingredients.
For me, every morning starts with 6252 (at least) of Dribbble tabs.
You can’t stay unaffected by those amazing posts. Inspiration would hit you in the face the moment you browse over the beautiful pieces. 
The amount of talented creative designers there is huge.
Whenever you feel stuck and in need for an inspiration boost — Dribbble is your friend.

Another sweet important ingredient is Medium.

And again, I really don’t think I need to explain what Medium is since you are currently here. (God, you probably think I’m so lazy)

Medium for me is a great tool to help me get better at what I do and stay motivated.

Working day after day, sometimes a few weeks on the same project might be exhausting and leave you not so excited for the day ahead of you. Here comes Medium to save the day!

Reading articles from people who are passionate about what they do have so much impact on me. Reading about their way of seeing things, their struggles and the way they handle it with creative solutions that work for them is so inspiring!

The ability to learn from others is such a gift and Medium makes it so easy!

While Dribbble gives you a small boost of inspiration for the short term, Medium keeps you motivated and full for so much longer. That’s why they work so well together in this tasty creative juice.

For the next ingredient, I give you a free hand.

I use a good healthy green ingredient — Spotify.

Spotify, besides its huge music library, offers a huge podcasts library as well.
This one actually is not about designing or creativity. I personally listen to self-improvement podcasts which motivate me to do what I do better, to change the way I look at things, to work harder, to become better.

The cool thing about podcasts is that you can do it from everywhere, every time.

Le’ts move to our last ingredient and trust me, you won’t want to miss it.

I encourage you to add a tablespoon of breaks to the blender.

There is nothing like talking small breaks when you feel stuck. In order to get the best result, you have to come fresh, clean and energized, and breaks won’t let you down on this one.
Whenever I feel stuck or lack of ideas, I take small breaks like going out to grab a cup of coffee, taking my dog out for a quick walk, sometimes I literally take a quick shower in the middle of the day (I work from home. Don’t give me that look.) and my best ideas come when I shower. (Is it just me?)

Now let’s mix it all together and….Ready!

Wait, how much of it and when am I suppose to drink?

I’m sure everyone will find the time and amount that works for them. I will share with you mine.

Every morning I take a quick sip of Dribbble. I go over the popular posts, open in a new tab every piece that catches my eyes. Once I feel I have enough posts, I will go over them, analyzing what made me click on them, what caught my eyes, the colors, the layout, the text size, the buttons shadows. You might find your inspirations in a very small component or in a big loud call to action button.

Let’s move on to Medium. It’s the thing that has the most dominant taste in this juice.
I try reading articles every single evening. My leisure is the time for me to learn, relax, getting ready for the next day, getting motivated and collecting ideas. Medium does that best.

For podcasts — I listen them whenever I can. Sometimes before I go to sleep, sometimes when I take my dog out for a walk, with the morning coffee, while I design, at the grocery store.
This is why this tool is so awesome — you don’t have to stop everything and read or browse — just put your headphones on and you are good to go.

And breaks, I take them when I feel stuck and exhausted. Small breaks like a shower, coffee, or a quick walk do the job.

I encourage you to try and make this tasty juice.

Experience with it, change the ingredients from time to time, see what works best for your schedule and I’m sure you are not gonna regret it.

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