A recap of 2 days of hacking at the Wix.com spaces in Tel Aviv 🇮🇱

Kicking off the event with 80 participants traveling from 15 different countries around the world.

Last year I organized the Sketch Plugin Hackathon at IXDS in Berlin. That edition was the main inspiration to host a similar event again. As you might know, many got extensible over the last year, and that called for a broader theme, therefore the topic was *Design Tools* in general this year.

So, why Tel Aviv? I’ve met Ben from Wix at the very first tools hackathon in Hamburg. One I participated in. It was such a great experience, and we’ve stayed in touch since. Ben was participating in last years Plugin Hackathon in Berlin as well, and right after the event he coined the idea to host a next edition Tel Aviv. Sounded great! But who thinks that will ever happen!?

And here we are, after an awesome 2 days at the Wix offices in the port of Tel Aviv. I’m still buzzing with positivity from the vibe, exciting demos, inspiring talks, the new friends I made, the weather, and the amazing food of Israel.

We invited speakers from Abstract, Adobe, Anima, Framer, InVision, Sketch, Wix, and Zeplin for giving a talk at the event. All of the presentations are recorded and available for you to watch. See them below!

Abstract, Adobe XD, Framer, Sketch, and Zeplin are all tools that are now extensible as well. And all these tool companies also brought their engineers to Tel Aviv to help out participants to make new tools on top of their platform.

It was very cool to see that about a third of all participants flew from abroad to Tel Aviv to join this event. We had people traveling from 15 different countries, and 80 participants in total. Check out the impressions video!

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