We all know that is very nice, and is more convenient than SMS; however, we are in a fast era of information and we are always connected to our mobile phones and this has become the standard On. However, the overload and frequency of the messages could be burdensome, and take up our attention and resources, especially during work hours or our free time.

So what can be done?

Today it is possible to silence the app, so we wouldn’t hear the sound and we may only notice the vibration, which is annoying all on its own.

annoying notifications

Then what is the issue? The phone may be silenced…

Let’s assume that we would like to disengage and not receive any messages at all, including from our friends and acquaintances. We would use the “silent” mode; however, the problem is that the use of this mode is not entirely simple.

This way we are especially bound to notice accumulated unseen messages on our mobile phone’s homescreen. And if we happen to be working, or in a meeting or a film… we would certainly not want to be harassed like soldiers who are obligated to be available 24/7.

Our relatives, friends, and acquaintances expect us to be available for the majority of our day in spite of our busy everyday life.

We are constantly following social media, via mediums such as: Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, and even Whatsapp.

It is no wonder that people have been recently disconnecting entirely from Facebook, and going “offline” (or cancelling reception of notification from the Facebook app).

How can a similar solution be applied for the Whatsapp app?

We would like to quit the nuisance that comes with receiving notifications on our mobile phone’s screen as soon as we set it down.

After examining the issue thoroughly, I have found that only after delving into the app’s settings can one cancel the option of notifications.

But that seems like an extreme solution, and it seems that the frequency of messages sent via Whatsapp is higher than the frequency of those sent via Facebook.

What? That was embarrassing, but also an epiphany.

moment of epiphany

Why can’t we set notifications from only specific contacts?

That is a mistake. It is probably a mistake…

I have spoken to a great number of people about the matter and the general opinion is that this is due to the decision-makers at Whatsapp failing to come up with an overall solution to the app’s user experience.

I sat down and thought about what could be done to resolve this issue.

And I thought of a pretty simple that could help.

I acted based on the assumption that the majority of people would not be interested in delving into the current settings on Whatsapp, but would rather a simple and convenient solution through the app’s main screen.

The solution could silence the app completely, the same as it would when you switch to an offline or flight mode. However, it would also enable reception of messages from specific contacts we would choose.

So I rolled up my sleeves and decided to create a feature for Whatsapp designated to resolve this issue.

Example 1 — for the menu with the offline button (flight mode)

Flight mode — option 1

Another option I considered is a toggle button instead of a regular button

Example 2 — the same screen, but with a toggle button

Toggle button — option 2

I also acted based on the assumption that sometimes there is urgency when receiving messages even when the phone is silenced. However, if I silence the groups and the contacts and there is an emergency (for example), then no one would be able to reach me via messaging, and noticing the messages later would no longer do any good.

That is why I saw fit to add to the main screen an option to choose the groups or contacts from whom we may be interested in receiving messages.

This was a very nice challenge I took on, and I would be glad to hear your opinion regarding the matter.

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