As a designer, the demands on your time seem to increase every day. You’re pushed to do more, and you need to do it faster and more efficiently than ever before. You likely depend on dozens of tools to get your ideas from to production, which often creates friction and takes a lot of time. As powerful and performant as is for designing and prototyping, we know it doesn’t have every feature that experience designers need, and we know it doesn’t connect with every other service in the workflow. That’s why we’ve been working hard to create the XD developer platform and , finding the best individuals and companies to build integrations that extend XD, unlock , add useful functionality, and make XD the perfect all-in-one tool for you.

To everyone in the design community calling out for since the launch of XD – we’ve been listening to you. Soon, with XD APIs, developers will be able to build new features, automate workflows, and connect XD to the tools and services designers use every day.

Whether you want the ability to design with real data or check your designs against accessibility standards, or you want to automate repetitive tasks like renaming artboards, or you want to connect to your favorite collaboration or project management service, you’ll soon have an ecosystem of plugins to help. And, if you don’t find the one you’re looking for – or you have a crazy idea you want to explore – the platform will be open, so you can build it yourself!

The XD extensibility APIs and initial set of plugins will be available later this year, but we’re excited to announce some of the first companies and products we’ve been working with. You’ll be able to extend XD with plugins for products and companies like: MicrosoftGoogle CloudTrelloUserTesting, Airtable, Dribbble, Silicon Publishing, Slope, inMotionNow, Astute Graphics, Anima, our own Behance and Stock services, and many more.

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