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If you are like me, most of the time when you have an idea, you open your favorite design app and start working on whatever it is you thought about.

But what if that’s not the best way to approach a new idea?

So here comes the and !
You probably already know where I’m going with this. If you are still here, it means you feel the same as me.

Pen and paper? Why? I work faster on my computer! I don’t even draw!

Yeah, that’s the same excuses I use almost every time. But I’m really trying to change that habit of jumping right on the computer. Will you join me?

So why you should sketch on paper first?

  • Sitting in front of a blank paper lets you really focus on that specific idea you have in mind. No distractions, no emails, no new messages. 
    When I sketch the idea first, it helps me gather my thoughts better and come up with better solutions and ideas.
  • Presenting a half completed solution or idea from my computer feels wrong to me.
    When you present an idea on paper no one would expect it to be perfect so that allows you to focus more on the thinking rather than making it look good.

So now you know why sketching first is better. Now let’s get to the How.

  • I really struggled (and to be honest still am) drawing. It’s a skill. You have to work on it to become better. 
    So in the last few months, I’ve practiced and practiced and I have to tell you — I’m very glad I did.
    Since then I’m able to get from the thinking point to present it in just a few minutes!

There are a lot of great online courses out there.
I recommend you to check Udemy first.

Another way to get better at drawing and sketching is to simply copy other people’s work.
Find a nice illustration you feel inspired by and try to draw it on paper.

Needless to say, copying other people’s work is fine only for personal use. Just to work on your drawing skill.

To sum it up, I encourage you to work on your drawing skill!
It would make your life as a designer so much easier!

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