First post here so bare with me!

I just got my first gig at a small startup with only 14 employees, me being the 14th as the new QA engineer. Things have been going great so far; the people are great and I’m learning a lot! My question for you guys is related to end of company wide . We currently have something we call “Break Our Shiznit” sessions at the end of each iteration after the PO gives a demo of everything we worked on. In it, we have multiple personas setup of different types of users with steps to take to complete some sort of task. These personas, I’m told, haven’t really changed over the past couple years, and aren’t really specific to what was worked on in the sprint. Instead, they test critical paths that a user might take through our app from end to end. This is something they put together awhile back, and while it still holds value in the sense that it tests our critical paths and keeps our other departments up to date on how our product is supposed to function, there have been talks of revamping these sessions to be a little more related to what was actually worked on in the sprint.

So, my questions for you guys are, what are your on this? What are some things the companies you’ve worked for done? Any other comments/concerns?


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