Friend of and community supporter extraordinaire Les Pounder writes a blog
containing lots of quick, fun and beginner-friendly projects. He calls this
sort of thing “” – a term I really like. Playful tinkering is
such a wonderful way to learn and relax. Can you guess what editor he uses?
Nope, it’s not EMACS or VI. 😉

What I love about ’s blogging is its consistency: there’s always something
new and it’s always really imaginative and fun. Les is a great source of ideas
for lessons, projects or learning activities for beginner programmers. For
instance, on most Tuesdays he writes a “Tooling Tuesday” entry to his blog and
many of these have a Python slant to them. Other related series of posts
include “Micro:bit Monday” and “Friday Fun”.

Mu related highlights include:

Any of these could form the basis of a cool project, set of lessons or after
school code-club activity. So, here’s to Les, his blog and fantastically
imaginative projects.

Thank you Les!

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