Starting over. Settling Down. Finding a job.

Starting over. Settling down. Finding a Job

“Who am I? Why am I here?
How much potential do I have?
What am I capable of doing?
By what criteria should I measure my ability?
Who sets the standards?”

Growing up in Ghana, I had these questions flowing through my mind. Because, in my opinion, one of the greatest tragedies in life is to watch potential die untapped. Discovering my purpose and using it to positively influence people was priority, but this journey wasn’t without hurdles. Especially being raised in a developing country — I was surrounded by limited technology and outdated methods of studying.

My university education was nothing to brag about, I realized the need to self-educate. I started researching and teaching myself skills in Digital Design. During my college education, I got a job as a supervisor for pre-university students who had creative design projects, this was the period I started discovering my purpose — Aspiring to Inspire Creativity in Digital Design.

Starting over

After a few years, I quit my job as a creative supervisor and moved into the start-up world. I founded a photography company, it was great while it lasted but unfortunately, after a year I had to close it down due to funding challenges. For a while, I was broke and jobless. I started freelancing as a graphic designer and the hustle was real.

I found myself teaming up with some old college mates and joined their startup. I had an amazing time working with them, we achieved great milestones as a company. After some months, I moved back into the corporate world and landed a job at Huawei Technologies as a Digital Designer.

Settling Down

My work at Huawei gave me the privilege to travel around Europe. I found myself in Amsterdam, and there, I met the love of my life — we got married, I quit my job at Huawei in Ghana and moved to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a lovely city, aside from the bicycle rage, its a place to be. It is a thriving tech and ICT hub. A prominent choice for international professionals, the city is home to an open and creative tech scene and numerous innovative companies. But, where do I start?!

Finding a job — My Ironhack Journey

Ironhack Amsterdam

I started attending tech meet-ups around the city and I came across an Ironhack /UI workshop. My interest in User Experience and Design started way back in Ghana during my college days. But I never got the opportunity to pursue this till now.

I did my research about Ironhack and I fell in love with their beliefs and their approach to learning. My expectations had been raised for this event with them.

The workshop was a whole day of diving into UX/UI design. I wasn’t disappointed! We explored the basics of Design Thinking, Wire-framing, Prototyping and much more… I learnt more about UX/UI than I could have done by myself. Our instructor, Marjon Siero, was amazing with her approach into the subject. Being an Alumni of Ironhack, she was very knowledgable in the design industry and very inspiring as a product designer.

The workshop didn’t just inspire me, but also answered my question, “But, where do I start?Ironhack Amsterdam is where I wanted to be!

I applied for the January UX/UI Design bootcamp and got accepted –#ironhacker! Before the acceptance, I was interviewed by Álvaro González San Pedro in Ironhack Amsterdam. He wanted to know more about me, my skills and ambitions. After my first interview with him, I qualified to the next stage, where I was tested on my problem solving abilities. The whole admission was fast and smooth.

I received my acceptance letter and I’m currently studying my pre-work materials.

Trusting the Process…

To have faith, is to have deep sense of in what cannot be seen. Proof or evidence is not needed. Rather it is an inner sense of knowing that guides you. To the process, wholly, completely, is to not need to know what is unfolding or why, but to simply be here in the present to experience it. This kept me going for the past 6 years. I always had an inner sense that kept me calm through it all.

I’d like to share a designers’ credo I read during my journey:

I believe anything is possible.
I see opportunity when others see impossibility.
I take risks. I’m focused. I hustle. I know that nothing is unrealistic.
I feel overwhelming love. I embrace my childlike wonder and curiosity.
I take flying leaps into the unknown. I contribute to something bigger than myself. I create. I learn. I grow. I do. I believe it’s never too late to start living a dream. I am a Creative.

My journey is just starting and I’m loving every moment. Where I was… Where I find myself now… and Where I want to be…. takes me a step closer to fulfilling my purpose — Aspiring to Inspire Creativity in Digital Design.

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