6 things You Don’t Know About Ridesharing Apps Localization

Left: station outside of Bangalore airport. Right: An cab in .

“Curious about how on-demand ride service functions in India?”


During Christmas 2018, I used Uber and Ola apps for 38 trips to travel around India for sightseeing: New Delhi, Agra, Bangalore and Mysore.

With a focus on “On-demand ride service localization” in India and “Usability ”, I am comparing my experience of using these two apps side-by-side with my personal star rating (★). From a traveler’s perspective, I’ll also call out the user experience which is unique in India market, comparing with my experience in the US, China and Europe.

In a summary, my topics are:
1. Book Long-distance ride experience — Uber Intercity v.s. Ola Outstation.
2. Payment Experience — Cash v.s. E-payment.
3. Driver’s Profile — Under-Addressed Safety Feature.
4. Car Options and Conditions.
5. Call out for Good Localization Approaches in India.
6. Call out for Pain Points in Localization and User Flows in India.

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