What makes a researcher effective that you won’t find in a job description

Photo by Bethany Legg on Unsplash
  • Draw a line between evidence and personal experience
  • Ask for critique from other researchers
  • Solicit comment from your team
  • Send usability session invitations out in advance
  • Document your
  • Tag. Your. Research!
  • Socialize your findings
  • CC relevant coworkers
  • Take the time to make video clips
  • Learn from other disciplines
  • Do quarterly planning
  • Compliment the team for the most successful parts of the product
  • Be succinct
  • Mentor a person who wants to break into
  • Try quantitative research
  • Spend the budget wisely
  • Show your team when to apply different research methods
  • Protect PII
  • Ask “have we learned similar information before?” Don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • Be kind to your vendor
  • Pilot your studies
  • Clean up the lab for the next researcher
  • It’s okay to say no to research requests
  • Say yes when it’s important
  • Accept feedback gracefully
  • Do accessibility now, not later
  • Research for the benefit of everyone on your team
  • Always be learning
  • Invent new methods
  • Give more than you receive
  • Track how your research findings are acted upon
  • Thank participants for their time

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