I’ve got a technical coming up for a game tester position for a reasonably big game publisher. Before that, I had to pass their “prove you’re not an idiot test” which involved solving basic puzzles and then playing one of their games for an hour.

In their email they also mentioned 3 things that might help during the interview:

1.) Know more about our company and the games we’ve developed.

2.) brush up on testing AAA games.

3.) brush up on the latest news in the gaming industry.

I’ve never done a technical interview before and I would like some insight into what sort of questions they might ask, especially for number 2.

PS. One of my interviewers is a former co-worker and i’m not sure whether its a good thing or a bad thing. Any insight on that would be nice. The interview will also be a skype conference call in the studio, so any tips on those would also be appreciated.

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