Going is a serious matter, something to think about, sometimes it is not necessary we can have our offline, just in a pdf, printed by yourself and we show or give and see people’s reaction in the real world.

Go online means to think about which platforms, with what you want to show your stuff with and to think what you want to permanent show, in one occasion I listened from a creative studio the work you on your website is the kind of work they will request, this means get sure to put work you are pride and you would like to repeat for somebody else.

Wich kind of online portfolio we can have:

  • This is gonna be serious, formal, I will invest time and money and I will pay somebody else if necessary,
  • This is just fun, I’m young, I’m gonna play for a while and at the end, we will see what happens.

If you haven’t a portfolio yet, I recommend to first read how to burn down your portfolio. If you have already your portfolio designed, you just need to adapt to a platform If your portfolio is already done in a pdf, you can just upload to issuu, peecho or lulu.

But if you are planning to go online, first you need to check your URL, for example, www.yourname.com, Think about what is the best naming to define the THINK and choose a hosting service, space where the files live, images and so on.. To register your web you can use: the cheaper: 1 and 1 , or normal services like ARSYS, ABANSYS or a good service like CDMON or you can just use a free Dot TK but remains just 3 months and after depends on the traffic your website will have.

TK from Wiki

Always you can avoid starting design websites just by uploading your portfolio using free blogs like WordPress, Indexhibit, blogger, Cargo… or just use Instagram. Most of the new generation of pupils use Instagram as their Portfolio page. Actually, the people spend 36 minutes every day on Instagram, 26 minutes on Facebook, 25 min on youtube, 24 minutes in Whatsapp and 21 minutes in Snapshat according to themoment

http://eatock.com/, founder of Indexhibit

If you are interest on selling goods you can start with an Online Shop service like ETSY, Bigcartel… or install ECOMERCE on WordPress, or just make a link to Paypal

You need to decide of Being small or big.

To be big, starts from small, you can be online with any interface p2p like Facebook, Twitter, Google or Tumblr. Terry Richardson started his diary with Tumblr.

  • If you want to look professional you need to create a profile on Professional communities like Coroflot, Behance or Domestika.
  • If you need to look more formal search for abusiness-oriented social networking service like Linkedin.

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