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How do I add this to my current [_____] UI process, that fits in with the [_____] quadrant of [_____] in design, and still work with the [____] flavour of [_____] that the development team configured Jira for?

Take it easy. I think work best when they’re used as a tool to communicate your designs through the lens of your users’ goals. You can then go from there with however you see fit.

What tool can I use for this? Do they have branded socks?

Great first question. There’s a lot of solid tools in the space: Flowmapp combines sitemaps and user flows, Overflow makes wireflows fun and quick to build, Invision has freehand of course, Marvel generates user flow from their prototypes, and a shout-out to the home-team Primary which focuses on low and hi-res user flows.

Don’t forget pen + paper and whiteboards!

I read this far and don’t want to go back to work, what now?

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