means ‘testimony’ in Swahili,” explains Erik Hersman, one of the organization’s co-founders. “It was a software designed as a response to a crisis in Kenya, but it’s been used in many other human rights and disaster situations, including the Syrian conflict, earthquakes in Nepal, and to map media freedom in Europe.”

Design tools complement company’s ethos

Ushahidi is celebrating its 10th anniversary and now serves a global audience. The world has changed in many ways, with technology and the ways communicate evolving by leaps and bounds. expect instant connectivity and access to information in the palm of their hand, so it’s critical that Ushahidi software for connecting individuals and teams be intuitive, mobile, and easy to use.

When designing user experiences, Ushahidi’s design tool of choice is XD CC. Because XD is available for free, Ushahidi can open-source design help from anywhere. In addition, the ability to share and test prototypes and design specifications via the browser enables the team to work efficiently, at global scale.

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