Relatively few designers go on to start their own design agencies. Many more work as part of teams or freelance for their whole careers. So when a is able to also become a successful entrepreneur, it’s a big deal.

The reality is that designers don’t always get exposed to the business savvy skills they need to run their own agencies.

We talked to UX designer , who runs BASIC Agency, about how designers can transition into becoming successful people, as well.

You’ve built a successful agency and have a UX-design background, and those two qualities don’t always go together. How did you develop your business skills?

Throughout my experience as a designer, I really stayed focused on what I felt mattered most — solving business problems and finding ways to delight the audience. To me, in order to be a good designer, you need to have a strong business mindset. I think this thinking is what enabled me to make the transition from designer to agency owner as I was always focused on the business aspect of what I do.

Prior to starting my agency, I was freelancing a lot. And in order to get my ideas sold through, as well as build a client base, I had to think about the business aspect of things. To do this, I read a lot, and I mean a lot. Books on branding, business, strategy, as well as design. I also networked and spent a lot of time having conversations with people I felt I could learn from.

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