11 promises to myself I’ll try to keep (although I’ll probably won’t…)

Now that new year’s is almost here, and we’re all done reading “2019 trends” or “How to be a better designer” articles, let’s have some fun!
My list will be about the small things that can make our work better.

  1. In meetups, I’ll actually talk to people and not just eat the refreshments.

2. Will not open another tab with an article until I’m done with all my open tabs.

3. After 6 of being a designer its time to lose the imposter syndrome (but but but….)

4. Stop writing another email, go talk to this person!

5. Write an email! There is no need for another meeting.

(Mastering these previous two subtle arts is the key to corporate happiness)

6. Stop moving a single pixel to the right and to the left for hours. After 4 times Its decision time.

7. Will not eat the daily birthday cake someone brought to the office… I will not eat that cake… I will not eat that cake… I will eat that cake…

8. Once an hour I will get up and stretch my muscles. (smiling at funny videos on Youtube does not count as stretching muscles..)

9. Will put my phone aside. I’ve read hooked, so I’m not falling for this manipulation (ooh notification!)

10. Will not stop everything I’m doing when someone says “but it will only take one minute.”
Let’s be honest, in design, it’s never just one minute, and it’s rarely something small.

11. This year I will write one serious article instead of funny to-do lists.

What’s your new year’s resolution? Share them with me in the comments…

Happy new year and may all your come true 🙂

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