is an that shows a list of events and activities that are currently happening in Metro based on location and/or specific dates, it has a GPS feature that shows you where you currently are and what events are happening around you at that specific moment. You can also either search up what events might be happening on a specific date or by the locaiton of where you might be! This app is great for finding out what to do in our lovely city during the holidays, summer breaks or just when you have a day off with your family and friends.


Have you ever went out with a group of friends and came across an event happening and thought.. “Hey, this is so cool! I really wish I knew about this sooner, because I would have stopped by earlier!”

As I was interviewing my client, I realized this was a problem she quite frequently stumbled upon. As someone in her mid to late 20s, she is always looking for adventure and trying new things. She loves to travel to tropical areas where she is able to experience new and exciting activities. She specifically stated that, “ I wish we had more sun [in Vancouver], and activities that opened later, like, more entertainment options.”

PERSONA: Katie Hill

Sex: Female.

Age: Mid-Late 20s.

Location: Vancouver.

Short Bio: Approachable,compassionate, indecisive individual who is currently in school and travelling when she can. During her spare time, she likes to hang out with her friends at local coffee shops or nearby cafes, or even going out for dinner dates and trying out new foods. In the summer she likes to explore vancouver, from relaxing at the beach to action packed adventures in the great outdoors.

Pain points/frustrations: Not knowing the different activities available to her at certain times, tends to do the same things because she does not know what is happening around her (ex. festivals/ events).

Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know.

Brands or Websites they may like: Pinterest, Narcity Vancouver, DailyHive Vancouver, Yelp.

Drawing from Katie’s persona, the typical Vancouverite would benefit greatly from this convenient and easy to use on-the-go app…


Are you an indecisive individual who constantly seek adventure and new activities to try out in the Metro Vancouver area? An Event seeker who asks the burning questions of, “What is there to do in Vancouver? Or “Where should we go now?” Someone who has trouble finding new events to attend or activities to do with friends on a nice day off? Do you end up spending more time searching up things to do on Narcity or DailyHive Vancouver than actually spending the day out of the house as planned? (Talk about rain on your parade!)

If so, don’t worry, this is extremely common, because not knowing the different activities available at certain times, results to us doing the same things because we just do not know what activities are available and are currently happening around us (ex. festivals/events)!


Comparative Analysis:

BUT how is Venture Vancouver different from:

-DailyHive Vancouver.

-Narcity Vancouver.

-Buzzfeed Vancouver.

This app differs from all those websites mentioned above because Venture Vancouver is a convenient way of searching up activities on-the-go, where ever you are, based on your current location or location of your choice in the Metro Vancouver area! You can also search up events and activities based on specific dates, as well as browsing through what is currently trending.


User Flow:

When I was going through the user flow, I took note of how my client went through each step and noted down long pauses of confusion, making sure that these observations were marked down as they will influence the features that should be presented later on the app.

Design Process:

While constructing low fidelity wireframes using the information obtained from the User Flow, I made sure to add key features into the draft layouts, making sure specific features were added to make the paper wireframes testable.

When finally drafting up the mid fidelity wireframes I ensured to put down any features that my users suggested to improve the paper wireframes before constructing the low fidelity prototype on Marvel.

Design Decisions Made:

When constructing the paper wireframes, each screen was made with my main focus on the “Must Haves” then the “Nice 2 Have,” while trying to refrain from the “Reconsider” category. With the “Must Haves” in mind, I began to draw the drafts of what I imaged each screen to look like, making sure it was minimalistic and easy to use.

Problems that I came across while conducting user testability was the activities that were listed on the Monthly View calendar, because the features were quite small, I decided to add a “press and hold” function for each date on the Monthly View, which lets the user zoom in on the date and the activities listed on that date.

I drew a lot of the inspirations for my screens from Google Calendar (for the calendar features) and also Instagram for their big, simple photo layouts as well as their “press and hold” function for their photos to enlarge the photo yet still staying on the current page.

Constrains & Limitations:

When drawing the paper wireframes, I found it difficult to accurately draw each icon and feature proportionally, and also evenly on the screen. When linking features like “Google Maps” and also each event to their original websites, might have been somewhat difficult because it would bring the user to a different page which could be annoying to certain users who like to stay specifically on the app itself.

Future Considerations:

In the near future, I would like to add a “log in/sign in” option so my users can have their own account, well as an “review” section for each event so other users can see what the people’s opinions of the activities are (if they are worth going to).

Also I would like to add links to social media accounts where my users can share each event on their other social media platforms.

Link to high fidelity paper prototype:

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