No is no excuse

No inspiration, ideas or mood

Often, a bad result or delay, designers argument the lack of inspiration, lack of ideas or loss of motivation.

If in this example you recognized yourself, just remind yourself which profession you have chosen.

A commercial designer is not a freelance artist. Lack of inspiration is not the cause of poorly performed work. What will happen if the pilot does not have the motivation to land the plane again?

Clients turn to you as to a professional. Inspiration and ideas are part of professionalism. You should consistently produce results at the level for which the client is willing to pay, regardless of whether there is inspiration, mood or ideas. This distinguishes the amateur designer from the professional.

How to come to this?

Start taking seriously — as part of the business process, bringing money to the client. In words it is easy to make it, but what in practice? Ask yourself the question, whether do you for the sake of or for business benefits? If thinking about the scale of a business, lack of inspiration is one of the tasks that needs to be done. And sometimes it is solved very simply. If you can not find a good solution — go to the popular resources to see examples of cool work.

About inspiration

For the constant growth of the designer, it is important to stop boils itself in the juice of its specialization. You can get a really cool result if you are inspired not only by works from design, but also from other areas. Expand your horizons, try to adapt for your specialization, for example, works from painting, architecture or industrial design.

Of course, it is very important to follow all trends in web design and use them. But really new ideas that no one before used, you can get only during this way. If you are newbies, you can hardly use this method. It is more important for you to understand how at the moment the web design is arranged and what are the trends in it.

Web design today

Let’s consider how things are in the market of web design. If 7 years ago there were only web designers who did everything, now there are already many subdivisions, these are the main ones:

  1. Web designer: A jack of all trades, does everything from banners to applications. As a rule, a person who does everything in a row cannot do one particular thing at a good level. Therefore, the services of a typical web designer are paid less than all of the following.
  2. Landingsmaker: Being engaged only in drawing landings, you will not earn much either. But, if you unite with several specialists and develop a tool for attracting customers (landing, layout, hosting, advertising, CRM), you can earn a very decent amount. The client will buy from you not a site, but a tool that will generate profits for its business.
  3. UI/ designer: The next stage in the development of a web designer. This is now one of the most sought-after professions, a good UI/UX designer gets a decent salary. But to combine, and most importantly, to achieve a high level both in interfaces and in user experience is very difficult. Therefore, it will be logical to determine what is more important for yourself: visualization or design, and delve into the chosen direction. Separately, UI and UX experts are much more valuable, especially the latter. An intelligent UX designer very much in demand.
  4. Mobile application designer: In fact, this specialist belongs to the interface designer, but again, highly specialized people are valued higher. This area has a very big potential. There are not so many application designers on the market, and employers do not stint on salaries for them.
  5. Product designer: A person who works on a single product, constantly improving it. This specialist should be trained not only in all the above areas, but also in related topics. Many people think that drawing a design and its approval is the final stage. In fact, this is only the beginning. A product designer analyzes user behavior and constantly improves a product.

Conclusion: because of all the new types of designers, every year web designers are less and less in demand. If you have been involved in web design for a long time and have not chosen a more highly specialized area for yourself, then you should think about it.

Inspired by Leo J

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