If you want to earn the most, do what earns the most, probably it is not , nor developing.

Pursue what you like to be and enjoy. Some testers become great Directors of Quality, some become great public speakers or authors. testings leads to different , from quality to more product oriented roles or into hardcore engineering. Personally after nearly ten years of test automation I am becoming an Agile Coach with a passion for quality and technical excellence practices.

I fear roles like DBA or technical writes are more of a niche than QA nowadays. Every developer is expected to become a t-shaped person, including testing, database, cloud-admin and business knowledge.

If you work in an environment where the culture is that QA people are worth less, maybe it is time to change your organisation, after you get that experience with test automation. Roles like Software Developer in Test do possibly pay more than regular developer roles.

I do think that testers that only practise manual testing will die out soon in most modern engineering teams as continuous delivery is on the rise. But people with a passion for quality are a win for any engineering culture. Take some time to research the Modern Testing Principles and become a force to reckoned with!

Source link https://sqa.stackexchange.com/questions/35220/what-is-the--of--testing-as--to-other--paths-in-s


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