Please help me with your advice regarding my career change (yes, another one 🙂 ), it goes like this:

I’ve been working in banks for 13 years, both in branches and in the HQ.

In the last two years of my banking career, these are the most important activities I can connect to what seems to be software testing:

– Documenting business requirements and drafting Business Specification documents

– Participating in the testing process for new applications or newer versions of the existing ones, by:

# Preparing test plans and test cases based on functional specifications and user requirements.

# Executing the test cases

# Identifying the problems found during the test process and resolving them with the development team

– Working in constant contact with Business Analysts, Developers, Project Managers, Product Managers.

– Attending workshops comprising business and or technical representatives to cover test-dependent activities such as requirement verification and prioritization, test scenario identification and general matters.

I’ve started reading ISTQB book, watching videos on YouTube and all that. And many of the things mentioned in these book/tutorials are familiar, I know the job positions involved, I knew the steps and all that. These are things I have done in the bank, I just didn’t know they were named *that*. I didn’t know the names for testing types, testing principle, bla bla. The theoretical part.

I don’t have any experience with bug reporting tools (we’d report in Excel) or any other type of software that might be specific to this job (but there’s tutorials for that too, can I learn it from tutorials? I have worked in the banking industry with tens of software, so I am a very fast learner).

I’ve only tested banking software, web based and .. non web-based (how do you call those that are not web-based? Desktop based? 😀 )

Considering this info, do you guys think I can hope to get hired as a QA? Oh, I’m also not exactly a young one, I’m a 34 yrs old woman.

TLDR: I have done software testing to some extent, during my banking career, but not in the “official”/formal (?) way, this was only a small part of the job I use to have in the bank. By studying at home and maybe take some courses (not ISTQB certification), do you guys think I stand a chance at getting a job as a QA? A job that is not extremely entry level? I can’t afford financially to sacrifice 1-2 years 🙁


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