I suggest you create things. Doesn’t even have to be strictly programming. In my experience, the best devs are ones that love to make stuff.

If you’ve literally never touched code before, I’d suggest off somewhere light and fun. I got my first sense of ‘programming’ with Starcraft’s Map Editor, it was full of conditions and actions, triggers, locations, etc. In a sense, it was like building-block programming with an extremely fun outcome: a map where anything you wanted to happen, happened!

Playing Factorio was fun. This one’s a stretch, but in a way it’s like ‘physically’ programming machines. Building small sections of factory (which can be wild and complicated) can be a good metaphor to how we write functions in programming, there can be a lot going on inside, but we may only return one thing.

Third, if you really like making games, play around with Construct, Unity, or Unreal Engine. Construct is by far the easiest, but it gives you a sense of conditions and actions. I still use Construct to this day to prototype game engine ideas and test things out.

That being said, if you think these suggestions are dumb, I started off with Python and it was a great first language to learn– AFTER you get everything installed. This can be a little frustrating for some people.

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