What we can expect after the founders say their good-buy?

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I don’t know if you guys noticed but ’s algorithm it’s beginning to look (a lot) like to their owner. And if you don’t know, yet, who’s the owner (oh boy). As we all know, the Facebook business model is based on the advertisement, and I’m pretty sure they are going to use the same strategies they did on Facebook, to as well.

Let me be honest, when Facebook bought Instagram for US$1 billion, I expected the founders to leave around a year later or so, and they didn’t. They stayed there for a long period of time after the acquisition, and I’m saying that because I can imagine how difficult it could be for the founders to lose control of their company. They could be in charge of the operations but Facebook and their executives dictate the rules.

Why am I saying those things?

I’m passionate about the development of new business models, and even more to the ones that have the potential to change the game, and Instagram was one of those ideas that changed the game.

When it comes to creating a brand that people love and relate to, and even more importantly, they will do whatever it takes to continue using that brand, it’s not easy, actually, it’s extremely difficult for most businesses around the world to be true to themselves and respect their customers needs at the same time of studying new ways their customers will probably like more about the experience. Old businesses models rely on how we could take the most out of our customers? And new business models rely on, how we can help people to be the best they can be?

And, unfortunately, Facebook choose the old way of doing business, as we all can see from the past scandals around the news. And I’m afraid they are doing exactly the same to Instagram and probably with WhatsApp as well since the founders leave Facebook as well.

I use Instagram a lot (when it’s not for me is for my clients), and I noticed that the Ads increased significantly after the announcement of the founders. For the Instagram Stories now I see probably one Ad for every 3 or 4 Friends’ Stories, and for the feed is the same, one day I even saw two consecutive Ads, making the whole experience more and more boring and interruptive, and one thing I hate is when someone appears in my face trying to sell me something I was not looking for. (Probably I looked for something similar), but it doesn’t mean I need to be interrupted every time, forever with equal or similar products.

For this reason, is beginning to be very clear why the founders put an end to it. They could not see the product that they created, and people love, to be something exclusively obsessed with money.

So, now let’s answer the question, what should we be expecting for Instagram in the future? And for me, it depends on what kind of profile do you have, business or personal.

For businesses profiles the algorithm will start to look like a lot as Facebook, limiting more and more the organic reach so you would probably have to pay to promote your content to appear for your followers.

And for the personal profiles, we’re going to start to be exposed to more and more kinds of ads, through the feed, Stories or even IGTV.

Our duty as users is, at least, ensure that the brands putting ads on this platform understands the basics of advertisement and Branding, so we could at least watch something that we would enjoy, something that has a purpose bigger than selling you stuff you don’t actually need.

Hope we can make it. Let’s see what the new features, technologies and most importantly the entrepreneurs will do for us.

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