Back to the flow 😅…

Upon selecting the icon, a new event screen opens up. It has 3 sections, the Reminder text(copied from the selected message), Event time and Date & Repeat Event options.

Upon selecting the Remind Icon, the New Event screen opens up

Once the Event text is copied from the message, the user can either modify it to a reminder like message, or keep the same text as the reminder.

The original message modified to a more reminder like message.

Now, changing the date and time

Now, upon saving, the alert becomes a reminder and gets saved. But if you are introducing a reminder list, you need a screen to showcase it all.

This is how the current home-screen looks like 😐:

Current Homescreen

And this is how it will look after the introduction of a reminder list 😎:

Homescreen with the addition of a new “Event” list
“Event” with the list of reminders

And Voila, the reminder is here 😌:

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