This issue comes up from time to time when a dev on my team gets salty about a failing for 1 “small” issue when the rest of the works.

My approach is, QA shouldnt a ticket for a failure that isnt breaking stated spec, unless discussed with PO – and spec shouldnt be stated if its not a requirement. Therefore, any failure to meet stated spec, fails the story. An edge case that doesn’t break a stated specification, but an implied or secondary one, is added as a new unless impact warrants PO rejecting the story.

My devs want something along the lines of, “if more than 50% of spec bullets pass, and the code can move forward (its not ‘breaking’ anything, just part not working), pass the story and add a bug.”

How do your teams handle the line of when to fail a story, and when to add a seperate bug while closing the story?

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