Why do I think accessibility is important?

More and more of our professional life, our personal life, our relationship with others and the world has shifted into the cybernets. We use it for work (or to look for work), education, paying bills, buying goods, communication, recreation, and the list goes on. But not everyone can access it the same way most of us can. It is only fair to make it accessible to all people taking in consideration their abilities and disabilities so they can also have the same opportunities.

“But designing and coding for accessibility looks so overwhelming! Where do I ?”

With so much information circulating the internet, it is very hard to find a solid source of truth. Luckily, the guys at Design Much and their guest Carlos Filoteo shared great starting points.

Carlos says that anyone that can give it 5 minutes will see how doable it is and how much they can do to help people who can’t interact with things the most common way.

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