Please, stop doing the following:

  • Making your resume 6 pages long when you have 2-3 years of experience
  • Bolding every other word in your resume. No one cares to see SELENIUM bolded and capitalized. Also don't say you have experience with automation tools if you don't have any. We will find out if you are lying eventually.
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes. I see it all the time. Maybe more of a language barrier than anything, but still inexcusable for a role where attention to detail and communication is so crucial.
  • Putting 20+ bullet points for each and every job position you held.
  • Starting those bullet points with awful verbs/adjectives, like "Good experience" and "Good knowledge".
  • No one is impressed with skills in Microsoft Word. No one cares that you know Windows and Mac OS. Everyone is going to assume you know how to use a web browser so please leave it out.

Now that I'm done ranting a little bit, I thought I would offer a little bit of advice on how to improve things:

  • Please keep your resume to 1-2 pages max. I know professionals with 15 years of experience that still maintain only a 2-page resume. You have a way higher chance of getting an interview if someone is able to read through your whole resume. I guarantee that it will go in the trash if it's 8 pages long.
  • You do not need to capitalize every other word. If you are saying something like, "Designed and executed test plans and test cases during each sprint", you do not need to type it like this: "Designed and executed Test Plans and Test Cases during each Sprint." Yes those all sound like "special" words and phrases, but it is difficult to read and makes no sense to do so. You only need to capitalize formal names and proper nouns that have very specific references, like "Selenium WebDriver" or "Jira". Not "Test Data" or "Regression Testing".
  • Rather than make your bullet points sound like a job description, hash out what exactly you accomplished in your role.
  • Add skills actually relevant to the job. Everyone knows MS Word, but not everyone knows Git, or WebDriver, or TestRail, or JMeter, etc. (Also, short outburst, stop using "etc!", JFC)

These are all really simple things that can be done to improve your chances in your job search. For every one good resume I come across, I probably see 20 that have all of the issues above. So already you would be putting yourself out front.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps anyone out there that might be prone to some of the issues here!

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