Let’s start the wellness project !


First of all, I had to check if this subject was a real wellness problem and if it was not just for me, because remember: You are not your user!

I started by checking on the internet to deeper know the problem and what were the existing solutions for . I found some alarming numbers about french employees at .

  • 68% of employees under pressure (source: France Info TV)
  • 33% of employees left their jobs after one year worked (source: LeFigaro.fr)
  • More than 3M of French are exposed to professional burn-out (source: LaDepeche)

About interns:

  • Interns represent 6,2% of workers

Unfortunately, there is no many figures which speaks about interns. “How it is possible to not find pourcentages or interview?”. I really understand that there was a lack of information for interns. That is why, I decided to create a survey that I posted on social networks, Linkedin to really target my users.

For this survey, I received 85 answers.

Survey results

I finally realized it wasn’t just employees who feel under pressure at work. But interns are the employees of tomorrow.

Many questions cross to my mind: ‘Why do they feel stressed?’, ‘How can they feel left out or exploited?’, ‘Do they know how to deal with this stress?’… To answer it, I decided to go for 5 interviews to better know my users.

Interviews’ quotes


All those informations helped me to define my persona, her wants and her frustrations. It will help me to define what are the main issues at stake in order to establish the orientation of the different solutions.

To define the persona, I used the empathy map tool which helps you to summarize your idea that you gathered in the Empathize Step (market infos, surveys & interviews).

Empathy map

Afterward, with all the information, I have been able to define my persona.
Let me introduce you to Lisa!

Lisa’s profile

To better know Lisa, I am creating her user journey to see what & where are the pain points in order to help her deal with.

Let see how is usual day for her:

“At this moment, Lisa is doing a 6 months internship in a communication agency in Paris as a digital project manager.”

Lisa’s journey

I realized that during the day, Lisa can really feel confused because she never knows how exactly are her rights as an intern so she can’t refuse her boss request. Moreover, she feels stressed because she always works alone and she doesn’t have the gratitude she would like to receive from her boss.

After then, I wrote down the 2 problems statement that sum up Lisa’s issues:

Problem statement

Now let’s …


After have done some brainstorming tools as the crazy eight, the round robin and the worst idea with 2 others students — (If you are not sure about the solution you want to apply in your project, I advise you to use those tools)

Thanks to those tools, I found out with the concept:

In details:

The solution is to follow the interns during his internship to help him to recover self-confidence through adapted exercices and documentations (about intern’s rights/law/advises).

Why an app ?

After some questioning, I decided to develop the product as an app for mobile device. This choice has been done fairly quickly as I asked the question during interviews. Everyone told me they would like to see this product as an app and not as a website. According to my target which is the 18 years to 25 years old, they are more using their phone than their computer for this kind of product.

Which features ?

I sorted the different ideas in 4 categories with the MOSCOW method


Then I decided the features I wanted to implement in my product are:


Then, I started to imagine the user-flow of Lisa. The first one is for the first connexion of Lisa when she will launch the app.

1st step : Sign in
2nd step : On-boarding
3rd step : Fill her personal data & goals

1. User flow : First connexion on the app

At the end of the day, Lisa will receive a notification to fill her achievement and mood of the day in order to see what kind of exercise the app can propose her to achieve her goals.

2. User flow : Fill the achievements of the day

Before diving in the visual design, I wanted to test the paper prototype with the users, to see what is it working or not. After then, I was able to do my mid-fidelity prototype and start to work on the visual part.


Now it’s time to work on the look and feel!

First of all, I had to create the graphic chart. I started to think about my mood-board to imagine how the app will look like.

I wanted the app to be : Efficient, Young & Smooth

As you can see in the mood-board and in the style tile, I choose to have a colorful palette. I wanted the app to be appealing and young for users. They need to feel motivation and support. The efficient and smooth side is showing with the contrast between the white background and the rounded touches of colors that we can found in many parts of the app.

Each colors I have chosen, have a meaning:

Dark blue is representing the new technologie and the information.
Green has a fresh side, it show the growth and health.
Yellow symbolizes personal empower. It will give the student self confidence.
Orange gives to the user vitality, pep and optimism.
Pink is used to reveal happiness.
& white, of course, it will the most used color as it is the background.

I didn’t want the user overwhelmed by the colors.

Style tile

I decided to choose the IOS font, the San Fransisco Compact display. It is an easy to read font and known by the user I targeted. They are mainly IOS user. 
SF font will be used for subtitles & text.

Style guide

Then, to improve the contact and retain the user, I choose to add some icons. They all make reference to an object already used at school by interns. I also decided to play with cards. It’s playful and users, as they are millennials, know how to deal with apps.


You can know have a look on some screen I have created for the Interns app.


Animated prototype

You can have a look to my animated prototype.


After designed it, I decided to test the design with the users, so I did the desirability test with 5 of them.

I was satisfied with those results because I wanted the app to be smooth. Up to date and trendy are good feedback also. I have now to do the usability test, in order to check if there is no technical mistake.

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