xarray is pleased to announce the newest addition to our fiscally : xarray.

is an open source library providing high-level, easy-to-use data structures and analysis tools for working with multidimensional labeled datasets and arrays in Python. enables users to perform operations on complex datasets. It interoperates with many of the core libraries in the scientific Python ecosystem, making a powerful high-level tool for data analysis.

Xarray has been used in a wide variety of academic and industry contexts for applications as varied as weather/climate, computational physics, astronomy, biology, econometrics, machine learning and finance. It is a core component of Pangeo, a community platform for Big Data geoscience.


Examples of results enabled by xarray include:


Xarray is an evolution of an internal tool developed at The Climate Corporation. It was originally written by Climate Corp researchers Stephan Hoyer, Alex Kleeman and Eugene Brevdo and was released as open source in May 2014. The project was renamed from “xray” to “xarray” in January 2016.

The xarray leadership body for NumFOCUS consists of Stephan Hoyer, Joseph Hamman, Ryan Abernathey, Fabien Maussion, and Keisuke Fujii. The core developer team also includes Benoit Bovy, Deepak Cherian, Maximilian Roos and Spencer Clark.

With the addition of xarray, the NumFOCUS fiscal sponsorship program now encompasses 25 open source scientific computing projects.


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