In the new minimalistic color-based puzzle game, you’ll need to move the by sliding your finger in different directions to lineup with the matching slot. When complete, the puzzle will create a specific shape.

Featuring more than 600 different levels, there are two types of boards to play. In the linear option, you’ll move the dots by sliding horizontally or vertically to lineup with the matching hole. The diagonal method will require movement vertically or diagonally.

If you ever get stuck, a swap option will allow you to automatically match the dot with the correct slot.

There are also two other modes to try. A stress-free version, soft mode allows you to create a shape without time or move limits. On the other side of the equation, challenge mode will help you test strategy by seeing time and move counts.

is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for free. In-app purchases are available for additional themes, to remove advertising, and snag additional swaps.

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